What division of the atmosphere is most important to man

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1. What are the two basic elements of weather?

2. Name three controls of weather and climate.

3. What is the study of the physics of the atmosphere called?

4. What division of the atmosphere is most important to man?

5. Name two other major divisions of the atmosphere.

6. What two basic elements constitute the atmosphere?

7. What point is reached when the atmosphere becomes saturated and cannot hold additional water?

8. The normal lapse rate indicates (warming or cooling) of the atmosphere at higher altitudes.

9. It never rains when the atmosphere is?

10. What are the lines on a map that connect points which have the same temperature called?

11. What are the lines on a map that connect points which have the same pressure called?

12. By what solar process is all of the earth's heat derived?

13. Retention of heat by the earth is referred to as the "?" effect?

14. Of the total solar energy received by the earth what per cent is retained?

15. Which air currents rise at the equator, move toward the poles and are responsible for the distribution of heat energy around the


16. What instrument measures wind velocity?

17. What instrument measures temperature?

18. What instrument measures relative humidity?

19. What instrument measures atmospheric pressure?

20. What is used to measure precipitation?

21. Name two areas where major topical storms occur often.

22. If 1 cubic foot of atmosphere can hold 8 grains of water vapor at a temperature of 70 degrees what will the relative humidity be if

there are 6 grains actually present?

23. when a temperature inversion occurs, the weather conditions might be ?

24. What instrument is used in surveying?

25. By what process does water vapor reenter the atmosphere?

26. Water is never used up, but moves from land to sea, to air and back to land again. What is this cycle called?

27. What Federal organization is responsbile for construction of large darns?

28. Who carries on programs of irrigation and water development in the seventeen wester states?

29. Who implements Public Law 566?

30 What are the two most important aspects of Public Law 566?

31.What kind of study must be made prior to PL 566 construction projects?

32. From the study what ratio is determined?

True or False?

33. The SCS own all lakes it builds.

34. All PL 566 costs are paid by the SCS.

35. SCS and the Corps of Engineers no longer competefor flood control funds.

Reference no: EM13860501

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