What disasters might happen during execution of the plan

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Suppose you have started a new business of making a wireless and waterproof Bluetooth headset with a waterproof rating of IPX8. Assume that you have made the marketing plan and now its time for contingency plan. Briefly describe a contingency plan for alternative actions of your company. Various appendices may appear at the end of the plan, depending on the plan's purpose and audience. For example, résumés of key personnel or detailed financial spreadsheets often appear in appendices. For our purposes include biographical sketches of key personnel.

The following questions can help develop contingency plans:

What events may occur that require a response?

What disasters might happen during execution of the plan?

What is the worst case scenario of events for the situation?

What scenarios are possible for the situation?

What event would cause the greatest disruption of current activities and plans?

What happens if costs of the plan are excessive? what happens if delays occur?

What if key people leave the organization?

What are the expected moves of antagonists and competitors?

Who or what might impede implementation of the plan?

The response should be at least 500 words which should be free from plagiarism.

Reference no: EM131272224

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