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Each week, we will introduce the focus of the module through a TED Talk video that you will then reflect upon in a graded reflection activity. This introductory activity helps learners to think about and explore the meaningfulness of the course content covered in the module.

The things that happen to us during childhood have the potential to dramatically impact the rest of our development. In this TED Talk, Nadine Burke Harris discusses the very real correlations existing between childhood trauma and increased risk for health problems in adulthood. By successfully completing this reflection activity, learners demonstrate Module Outcome 2: Explain the scope of the field of lifespan development.

Watch the TED Talk by Nadine Burke Harris, How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime [Video file, 15:59 mins]

Reflect on your own thoughts and ideas about the content of the video by writing answers to the following:

There are three major areas of development covered in lifespan development: physical, cognitive, and personality/social. Look at Table 1-1 in your webtext, outlining "Approaches to Lifespan Development". Which areas of development does this TED Talk include? Give an example.

Illustrate your understanding of why this video is relevant to the course by reflecting on and reacting to the content. How does the topic of this activity relate to your personal and professional life? What did you learn from this TED Talk that you can apply to your career? Explain.

Reference no: EM131415752

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