What did the intellectual revolution and the enlightenment
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Introduction to Western Civilization Study Guide Questions -

1. The Great Revolution of 1689 in England: a step forward or backwards and why? In other words what did it accomplish and could this be called 'progress' in a political sense?

2. If the Roman Catholic Church had succeeded in stopping the scientific revolution, that would have been a good thing for civilization. Make an argument for or against.

3. What did the intellectual revolution and the Enlightenment of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries contribute to Western Civilization? Think of political and social contributions.

4. Adam Smith is often considered to be the father of modern capitalism. Explain this and say whether you agree or not and why? And whether that was a good thing. Why did Smith want capitalism or free trade and why was this a benefit? Why was he a critic of mercantilism?

5. Was the French Revolution of 1789 a symbol of progress or did it initiate a period of useless violence? The French Revolution replaced a nobility of landed wealth with a new nobility based on commercial wealth that was no better: true or false and be sure to explain your reasons.

6. The French Revolution may have benefited Napoleon, but little else. Or it not only benefited the masses of France, but it was also a great benefit throughout Europe as Napoleon brought the French Revolution to the capitals of Europe. Which do you think was more correct?

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