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1. Go to the Lean website for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency http://www.epa.gov/lean/ and read about implementing lean manufacturing can benefit the environment. Research the following companies: Johnson and Johnson, Merck Pharmaceutical, and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Industries and pick one of these 3 companies to write a brief report describing how they are implementing the lean manufacturing philosophy and state whether their operations conform to the US Environmental Agency guidelines. Why or why not?

Your "short report" must be in APA format, do not forget to put your name on the frontpage

2. Question 1: What defines the online retail market? What are this market segment's order qualifiers and winners? What characteristics must a supplier possess to be considered? What characteristics tend to set a particular supplier apart?

Question 2: How are UPS and FedEx trying to control the volatility of the supply chain? Is this realistic? Does this provide value for the customer? Why or why not?

Question 3: What are the lead times for your primary products? How could you shorten your delivery times? What infrastructure would need to be added? How would you rearrange the supply chain to acquire new capabilities?

Question 4: Discuss the importance of selecting a delivery service. What criteria do you use to choose a shipping company? How important is on-time delivery? Create a multi-criteria matrix to describe the relative importance of each of the criterion you use.

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Reference no: EM131271875

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