What defenses would you raise to oppose the claims

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Jethro bought a Lawnboy mower from Ace Hardware. After cutting his front lawn, Jethro decided to save time by using the mower, instead of the hand clippers, to trim his front hedge. Lifting the mower above his waist, he began cutting the hedge. A bee flew inside his shirt and stung him repeatedly, causing him to drop the mower. As the mower fell, the blade severely cut Jethro's lower legs and ankles. Jethro sued Lawnboy for negligent design for failing to design an automatic shut off mechanism on the engine, for inadequate warnings of this danger, and for strict liability. You are hired to represent Ace and Lawnboy, what pleadings would you file and what defenses would you raise to oppose the claims?

Reference no: EM131027313

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