What criteria would you use as a basis for your decision

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Article- Zaidi Oil: the SAP ERP dilemma By Freddie Racosas Acosta and Arlene Suson Acosta.

Answer the following Question :

How would you advise Macharia to proceed on the issue of upgrading the B1 System?

Should they upgrade to higher version of SAP or should they just improve the B1?

What criteria would you use as a basis for your decision/recommendations?

Reference no: EM132280886

Progressive insurance concierge program

How many CSRs are required to staff the CSC at the expected volumes on Mondays? 1b.Your plan should ensure adequate CSR staff (even at peak) to obtain an average wait time of

When deciding to take their business global

When deciding to take their business global, organization's have seven ways to do so. Please describe in detail three of these approaches, their advantages and disadvantages.

Consider the four key perspectives of balanced scorecard

Consider the four key perspectives of a balanced scorecard: 1) the learning and growth perspective, 2) the business process perspective, 3) the customer perspective, 4) the fi

What are the implications and needs for this group

Focus on one difference in your workplace where you feel there is a need for an intervention (i.e. age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.) Identify at least two res

Strategic management process at sector

1. Provide a critical insight into the strategic management process at sector/business level 2. Clearly identify and appraise the strategic environment and factors which sho

The manufacturer rejects the claim

A business product costing $100 was purchased for commercial use, but after three months, it broke. The warranty is a limited 90 day warranty. A claim is filed. After 3 months

The primary use of online transaction processing

The primary use of online transaction processing (OLTP) systems is to define a set of reachable and exploitable vulnerabilities present in a database. Fiber-optic media provid

About the legal environment of business

This project requires you to identify and analyze legal issues and to make recommendations based on one or more fact patterns. The issues will relate to the concepts covered i


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