What criteria would you use as a basis for your decision

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Article- Zaidi Oil: the SAP ERP dilemma By Freddie Racosas Acosta and Arlene Suson Acosta.

Answer the following Question :

How would you advise Macharia to proceed on the issue of upgrading the B1 System?

Should they upgrade to higher version of SAP or should they just improve the B1?

What criteria would you use as a basis for your decision/recommendations?

Reference no: EM132280886

What does this mean for a small business owner

What does the text mean when it states that rather than to search for the perfect forecast one should learn to live with inaccurate forecasts? What does this mean for a smal

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Discuss the key risks to a health care organization that fails to allocate sufficient support and resources to a newly implemented health care information system. Next, propos

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Perform a SWOT analysis on Ford Motor Company. Identify: a Weakness, an Opportunity. Explain why each of these is a strength, a weakness, an opportunity, or a threat. Support

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CheapBuy is an electronics retail chain selling Gateway netbooks. The demand for the Gateway netbook LT20 at their local store is normally distributed with a mean of 120 netbo

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Implementation plan Objectives Functional tactics Action items Milestones and a deadline Tasks and task ownership Resource allocation Any required organizational change manage

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The research staff of a marketing agency has assembled the following payoff table of estimated profits: Relative to the probability of not receiving the contract, determine

Define three characteristics on the external environment

Define three characteristics on the external environment (not your competitors, but things like socio-economic indicators, epidemiological data, changes in technology, etc) th


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