What conditions make a law unjust
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Write 400 words or more.

Reading of Martin Luther King's, "Letter from a Birmingham Jail". Once you have completed the reading watch the following two videos. The first is an interview MLK Jr. gave on meet the press wherein he discusses the concept of just and unjust laws. The second is a record of King reading the first except from the letter.

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Civil Disobedience and obeying Just vs. Unjust laws (Closed Captioned)

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Respond to the following:

1. What conditions make a law unjust?

2. Can you think of any unjust laws today that meet those conditions? If so, specify and explain. If not, specify and explain.

3. Why is the "moderate" voice needed in the cause for change in a democratic republic?

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