What conditions are likely to make it possible for sand
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Sand and gravel (aggregates) operators in Sault Ste. Marie sell most, if not all, of their products within the Sault Ste. Marie area. Why that case?

What conditions are likely to make it possible for sand and gravel from the Sault Ste. Marie region to be sold routinely in the Southern Ontario market? One company from the Algoma District already ships aggregates to the Southern Ontario and Chicago markets. Name that company. How could that company do that?


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When passing through Sault Ste Marie and Ontario it is very possible to pass an operating quarry without even knowing it, people think that pits and quarries are unnecessary but in the real sense stone, sand and gravel are vital to our daily lives. Aggregate is surface mined in pits and quarries across Ontario, quarries are natural occurring deposits of rock like sandstones and granites used to produce building materials. Most of the quarries in Sault Ste Marie region are located along the river beds. The quality of the sand and gravel aggregates found along the river beds of these rivers is of great quality and makes

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