What common biases might impact decision making

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The following self-assessments allow you to learn more about yourself.

Emotional Intelligence:

1. Psychtests

2. Maetrix

Decision-Making Style:

1. Self-assessment 7.8: What is your preferred decision making style?

2. How good is your decision-making?

Leadership Assessment:

1. Leadership skills assessment questionnaire

2. The leadership motivation assessment: How motivated are you to lead?

These instruments feature behavioral questionnaires that address a variety of personal attributes such as personality, emotional intelligence, communication abilities, motivation, and decision making. The overall expectation is that these instruments will provide you with value-added results that will later allow you to hone your skills as a solid decision maker and leader.


1. Take at least one emotional intelligence test, one leadership assessment, and one decision making assessment from the links included in this assignment.

2. In a 2-3 page essay, discuss the assessments you chose. Discuss the outcomes of the assessments by specifically addressing how they reflect, define, and assess personality and how it fits into an organization, decision-making style, and how personality, emotional intelligence, and decision making impact organizational contributions and leadership.

3. How do the assessments inform the following questions: How do emotional intelligence, leadership, and decision making contribute to the effectiveness of ones role in an organization? What common biases might impact decision making? How can one become a more effective leader decision maker?

4. Use at least two scholarly sources and information from the module to support your essay. All work should be formatted according to academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.

Reference no: EM13809883

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