What changes are characteristic of chronic paraplegia

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Question 1: Electrical stimulation of the basal nuclei and cerebellum can produce skeletal movements. Describe the pathways by which these brain regions control motor activity.

Question 2: Describe evidence showing that the hippocampus is involved in the consolidation of short-term memory. Why may the hippocampus not be needed after long-term memory has been established?

Question 3: Give examples of drugs that selectively stimulate and block the nicotinic and muscarinic receptors and explain how these drugs are used clinically.

Question 4: Briefly describe the clinical condition related to spinal shock. What changes are characteristic of chronic paraplegia? What is a difference between paraplegia and hemiplegia?

Quesiton 5: Describe the major pathophysiological differences between Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease.

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Reference no: EM13709864

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