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Please see attachment. I have included graphs and some symptoms of global warming for the questions being asked. I am just unable to formulate answers to the questions.

Much discussion abounds these days about global warming, and the common knowledge is that people are to blame. This, in turn, is based on observations that the surface temperature of the earth has increased as our emissions of carbon dioxide have increased. The correlation is not perfect. On the other hand, there is a near-perfect correlation between sunspot activity and earth temperatures. Who is right? What is the risk of being wrong and taking actions based on an incorrect premise? What sort of statistical data do we need to collect/analyze to answer that question?

Additional bits of information you may wish to know: This is not the first time the earth has warmed up, and there were no humans here the last times it did. There are lots of "greenhouse gases" besides carbon dioxide, including water vapor. Correlation does not, in and of itself, imply causation. About 30 years ago, scientists were warning of a new ice age beginning momentarily; what changed in the intervening years?

Attachment:- Global Warming Question.zip

Reference no: EM131029471

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