What challenges exist with state homeland security strategy

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Demonstrate an understanding of how states derive their Homeland Security and Emergency Management strategies; as well as how cities and counties then derive their Homeland Security and Emergency Management policies.

Strategic Partnerships

National Strategy for Homeland Security (NSHS); pp. 41-53

You are the emergency manager in a city of 200,000 people in the midwestern United States and are working on your long-term budget. You feel that you need extra resources to ensure that your city can effectively respond to emergencies and disasters, especially acts of terrorism; however, your city manager will not approve any additional spending or requests to seek grant funding until she fully understands the logistical and technical requirements associated with 21st-century emergency response.

Therefore, your city manager has directed you to draft a report that provides an overview of state homeland security and emergency management strategy and how the local level uses the state strategy to develop policies.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in a report of 750-1,000 words:

How do the following 3 Homeland Security Presidential Directives apply to state-level strategy development?

How does the National Strategy for Homeland Security (NSHS) apply to state governments and emergency managers? Explain.

What challenges and barriers exist with regard to state homeland security strategy that are not present at the federal level? Explain.

Specifically, how are local-level policies developed using state homeland security strategy? Explain.

What types of policies would need to be addressed to effectively respond to a terrorist attack on your city's critical infrastructure? Explain.

You should ensure that you include detailed policy descriptions of the following:

Human resources



What policies could be put in place to fully accommodate interagency collaboration and innovative thinking? Explain.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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Reference no: EM13846975

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