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Information has many facets: value, confidentiality, integrity, privacy, legality, and so on. All information is not the same and hence its protection requirements may vary. Social media is becoming a rich source of information and Facebook is one example of such website which collects stores and processes information.


Your task is to identify the information collected via Facebook and investigate what uses Facebook makes of this information. You may undertake this by identifying what information sites consider private or confidential by default, the wording of the privacy policies (what they allow for and prevent) what may be restricted, and what a user has control over.

You must then develop a report including the following topics:

  • What information is required to setup a new account?
  • What category information is collected by the site
  • What are the default privacy settings
  • Do the default settings allow for maximum privacy? Explain how these default settings have an impact on privacy.
  • Recommendations to ensure maximum privacy settings are enabled
  • A critique of the privacy policy


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