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What Are Your Layers? Security defenses should be based on five fundamental security principles: layering, limiting, diversity, obscurity, and simplicity. Analyze these layers for the computers that you use. Create a table that lists the five fundamental security principles across the top, and then list down the side at least three computers that you commonly use at school, your place of employment, home, a friend's house, etc. Next, enter the security element of each layer for each of the computers (leave blank any box for which that security layer does not exist). Based on your analysis, what can you say regarding the security of these computers? Finally, for each of the elements that you think is inadequate or missing, add what you believe would improve security. Write an analysis of your findings that is at least two paragraphs in length.

Reference no: EM131407068

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Describe which of the 3 approaches you would use to perform your dissertation research, and why. What instruments do you intend to use to support your selected research method

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