What can vpn software or vpn hardware

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What can VPN software or VPN hardware both can provide? (you should have two answer)

Reference no: EM132184110

Appropriate data structure for representing numbers

Your first task will be to come up with an appropriate data structure for representing numbers of arbitrary potential length in base 215. You will have to deal with large nega

Discuss the deployment services situations

Please briefly discuss the deployment services situations; what initial facts would best determine what situation should be used? If you were deploying on 150 computers, whi

Computes the two solutions

Implement a function that takes in coefficients A, B, and C for the quadratic equation Ax2 + By + C = 0 and computes the two solutions. Have the function return the number of

How do you think the behavior is activated in c++

The attributes of a class represent how objects of the class appear to the outside world. The behavior represents how an object of a class reacts to an external stimulus. Gi

Capable of accessing the internet from mobile devices

With the number of people now capable of accessing the Internet from mobile devices, it is crucial that organisations develop mobile versions of their Web sites. Whether you

Data gathering and mockup

Add a data gathering component for the users. This is similar to gathering your own analytics in one way for the users. How will you analyze the data and then what way will

Explaining logical knowledge base represents the world

A logical knowledge base represents the world using a set of sentences with no explicit structure. Analogical representation, on the other hand, has physical structure th

Payroll package

Jeff is an analyst.  The human resources department is very unhappy with their payroll package.  They want the information systems department to write them a new package as th


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