What can older people learn from your generation

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Persuasion Essay AUDIENCE: Someone who has a differing view from your own

FORMAT: Standard essay format, preset margins, 12 point font, standard American grammar

LENGTH: 3-4 full pages

For this assignment you are going to present an essay in which you try to convince the reader to your position - using ONE of the topics listed below.

1. Should teachers have to wear school uniforms or have a dress code?
2. Which is more important: talent or hard work?
3. Do bystanders have a responsibility to intervene when there is trouble?
4. What can older people learn from your generation?
5. Should we have year round schools?
6. Would you rather work from home or in an office?

Be sure to map out the reasons for your position - it is important here that you both brainstorm and organize your ideas. Remember, here is where your thesis is important. Your thesis statement will present your position as well as your reasons for it. It is not necessary that you complete any research for this topic. However, if you DO include any information from sources, you MUST include appropriate MLA documentation. Also, a works cited section and a copy of ALL sources should be attached to your paper. It is not necessary that you conduct any research. This can be strictly your opinion and common knowledge. Remember, however, the effectiveness of your persuasion does hinge on a certain amount of logic and emotion.

Reference no: EM131350904

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