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Birth Order

One of the concepts that students most enjoy about Adler's theory are his ideas about birth order.

For this discussion, carefully read the text and lecture notes on Adler's birth order and then respond to the following questions:

1. Of the five designated birth order positions Adler identifies (oldest, second child, middle child, youngest and only child), which of these positions do you think has the most challenging developmental task of growing up to become a healthy, mature adult?  Explain your rationale in detail taking an objective approach that is not based on your own family experience.

2. If you were an Adlerian therapist, which of the five birth order positions do you think would be most challenging to work with? Support your reasoning with some objective facts about the types of behavior found in that birth order position.

3. What birth order position best fits your experience in your family of origin? Do you believe his description gives an accurate picture of you and your siblings? Explain your response in detail.

Paper should be at least 800 words in length, follow APA style for attributing sources, and include a cover page and reference page.

Must use two references.

Must use as one of references:

Seligman, L. W., Reichenberg, L. W. (02/2013). Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: Systems, Strategies, and Skills, 4th Edition.

Attachment:- Reading.rar

Reference no: EM131367347

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