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A press delivers a force of 8000 N throughout a distance of 18 mm each stroke. Select a number of strokes per minute and determine the rate of work output per second. If the press efficiency is 90%, what average torque must be provided by a 1750-rpm driving motor?

Reference no: EM131007262

Which plane has the smallest surface density of atoms

consider the (100),(110), and (111) planes in silicon. (a) which plane has the highest surface density of atoms. what is that density. (b) which plane has the smallest surfa

I=0.5ma,b=100,va=100v find rin, avo, ro

I=0.5mA,B=100,Va=100V find Rin, Avo, Ro. Then Rin raised by factor of 5 by changing I, what is I, Avo, Ro. Now amp is fed with signal source with Rsig=5K and connected RL=100K

Convert answers back to decimal and verify they are correct

Convert the decimal numbers +37 and +17 to 8-bit hexadecimal numbers, using the signed 2's complement representation. Then perform the following operations: (a) (+37) + (-17

Discuss disadvantage of contact over normal ohmic contacts

In polysilicon emitters, heavily doped polysilicon forms the contact to the emitter. The minority density does not go to zero at the polysilicon contact, but decreases to ze

Determine what are the number of lamps required

an office with several work stations has an effective area of 527 sqft (49 meters). it has decorative incandescent lighting. The lamps are 40 watt yielding an out put of 18

Computing peak frequency deviation and carson''s rule

Calculating peak frequency deviation and Carson's rule bandwidth, A baseband signal has a frequency range from 50 Hz to 15.0 kHz. The signal is transmitted using frequency m

Write equations for fixed-variable and average costs

Sven has decided to make and sell his grandmother's pasta. He rents a building for $600/month and pasta equipment for $300/month. The pasta costs $.20 /pound in raw material

Find the constant kt for the shunt motor

Assume that one of the pumps uses a1/4hp DC shunt motor with an input voltage of 115VDC that pulls 1.6A running at 1500 rpm. The filed resistance for the motor is 600 ohms a


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