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Because of the recent DDoS attack on Rutgers computers - taking down their internet, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss safety and security online.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS is the common abbreviation for a Distributed Denial of Service attack which is what probably happened at Rutgers. Think of it like what happened during SuperStorm Sandy and nobody could get through on their cell phones or for the people that get stuck every day in traffic trying to get through the Lincoln Tunnel. There are too many people trying to access the same thing at the same time.
Here is a short video that explains it further:


What happened at Rutgers?

If you aren't up on the story, here is a good summary:


What should you be aware of?

The US government has a website called "OnGuard Online" with some useful tips and videos for protecting yourself online. Here is the main website page:


Chances are unless you are running a business, you probably won't be a target of a DDoS attack. However, if you don't update your computer, run anti-virus and mal-ware programs, you might become part of the botnet without you knowing it.

What can you do?

Run and update anti-virus programs on your computers, tablets and cell phones. yes, there are FREE ones that are pretty good.

Run a mal-ware detector. Malware Bytes is the FREE one that I use

Never, never share passwords and make sure your password is STRONG.

Update/patch the software on your computer regularly.

This list is not comprehensive, but it's just to get you thinking about it.

Discussion Board Assignment

Please watch the video and review the article.

Please take a look at the OnGuard Online website.

Q1. What AV or Malware software do you use? Please include what type of device or OS (Windows, Mac, Android)

Q2. Share with us three tips you have for protecting yourself online. Use examples to illustrate your tip, if possible.

Please provide a reference/source (formatted in MLA style) that supports at least one of your tips.

No duplicates allowed. For example, I already mentioned Malware Bytes. You can mention that you use it, but that can't be the only one you mention. You can comment/reply to your peers agreeing or disagreeing with their tip, but first one to post, gets the credit for the "original".

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