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Question - Audit manager is concerned about a significant risk of fictions employees on the payroll. What audit test should she perform? Explain in two or three steps using correct terminology (such as "vouch" or "trace" and the precise source of each document used in the testing).

Reference no: EM132184679

Bond issuance journal entry

On January 1, 2010, Kentwood Company issued bonds with a face value of $800,000. The bonds carry a stated interest of 7% payable each January 1 and July 1. Prepare the journ

Relations between net income and cash flows

The ABC Company starts the year in fine shape. The firm makes widgets-just what the customer wants. It makes them for $0.75 each and sells them for $1.00. The ABC Company ke

Manufactures electric meters for sale

Sino-electronics East-Africa Ltd manufactures electric meters for sale to its African and Middle-East customers. The product goes through three departments. The following in

What was the gain or loss on the sale of the equipment

Lawler Clothing sold manufacturing equipment for $16,000. Lawler originally purchased the equipment for $80,000, and depreciation through the date of sale totaled $71,000. Wha

Units-of-activity method in depreciating

Blue Highway Bus Lines uses the units-of-activity method in depreciating its buses. One bus was purchased on January 1, 2007,at a cost of $120,000. Over its 4-year useful li

What is the variable overhead spending variance

The following standards for variable manufacturing overhead have been established for a company that makes only one product. Hours worked were 2,600. Variable overhead cost

Corporate and partnership forms of organization

What is the difference in the percentage of the firm's pre-tax income that investors actually receive and can spend under the corporate and partnership forms of organization

Accounting policy choicemodel to evaluate the choices

Advise the SSL CEO (Ms Christine Slammon) as to which of the two proposed policies is the most appropriate by using steps 2-6 of the accounting policy choicemodel to evaluate


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