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these references to help answer the questions that follow. You may want to also search the Internet for additional resources.

Query, S. (2007). Paper or Plastic. E - The Environmental Magazine, 18(6)

Bob Condor. (21 March). New plastic bags that dispose of themselves! Knight Ridder Tribune News Service,1.


Based on what you have read, do you believe that consumers should have to pay for plastic or paper bags at grocery and other stores? What arguments most influenced your decision? How would you explain your position to someone who disagrees with you?

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. Use APA format to cite references.

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The task is about the justification of charging customers on plastic and/ paper bags. Various environmental and economic factors were taken into account while arriving at the conclusion. The assignment has been prepared on MS word. Times new roman, 12 font was used.

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