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In this assignment, you will identify a strategy consulting group or company that advertises its services on the internet. To prepare for your original post:

1- Study a strategy consulting organization's products and services as presented on its website.

2- Then, see if you can map the consulting organization's products or services to key concepts covered in this course.

3- In your original post, introduce the consulting company by name and website address and then explain what you found. Some questions that might help you formulate your thoughts include:

What are the specific concepts that underlie the strategy consulting company's products or services?

Where does the strategy-consulting firm concentrate its efforts within the processes of strategy assessment, formulation, decision making, implementation, and evaluation?

What areas or services are covered by the strategy firm but are not linked in any way to content in MGT510?

Write an essay that addresses the assignment's guide questions, do not address the questions using a question and answer format. Embed academic material concepts, principles and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least two scholarly peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer unless the assignment calls for more. Use academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.


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The work required an identification of consulting company that present its services on the internet through its website. The work required a brief description of the services offered by the company and the strategies it has used to better the quality of its services to consumers. Therefore, I identified IBM Global services as the company of interest and the work has been done on a word document.

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