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Please read the guidelines carefully and start assignment. references should be minimum of 25 and not from web sources. references should be from journals,books and publications.


• You have been contacted by the major shareholders at General Motors (USA) to provide an accurate and current analysis of their Holden subsidiary.

• Subsidiaries are a common feature of multinational corporations who generally organise their businesses into national and functional subsidiaries

• A subsidiary is a business/organisation that is completely or partly owned (major shareholder) by the parent organisation and thus the parent organisation normally controls the activities and policies of the subsidiary (therefore, Holden is the Australian arm of General Motors).

• So you are working as a consultant to suggest a new (internal, external or partnership) venture, (on a based analysis of the Holden subsidiary) which will create rapid growth.

• The report should be addressed to/written for the shareholders of GM.

-Macro External Environment:

- Environmental factors that indirectly affect the organisation, such as government legislation, demographic and social trends.

- Comprises political, economic, socio-­­cultural, technological, environmental & legal environmental forces.

Assessment of the external environment, drivers of industry competition and the competitor analysis provide a basis of information for the SWOT.


• Assess your organization's current position relative to competitors and potential customer needs

• Provides insights into market opportunities, threats and trends to optimize returns on investment

• Reviews your dependence and value attached to your supply chain as well as the sustainable nature of your competitive advantage

• Increases the likelihood of successful new product or service launches, partnerships developments and efficient outsourcing

1. Identify the strengths

2. Determine the weaknesses

3. Consider the opportunities

4. Locate the threats

5. Create a balance and holistic SWOT analysis


Maintain and build these aspects


• What do you do better than anyone else?

• Why should people purchase from you relative to your competitors?


Reduce or ideally eradicate


• What problems are frequently (re)occurring and possibility losing you sales/members?

• What could you improve that would directly affect your business performance?

• What are your ?nancial weaknesses?

• What are your staff weaknesses relative to your strongest competitor?

Prioritize or optimize Consider:


• What changes can you best exploit?

• What are the competitor vulnerabilities that you can attack?

• What new markets could you enter or further penetrate?



• What external obstacles are you facing or might you face that would affect key elements of your business (supply chain, economic downturn)?

• What new legislation might damage current pro?table success?

• What are your sponsors likely to do in the future?

• Could one of your weaknesses or removal of one or more of your strengths threaten your long-­­term future?

Create a balance & holistic SWOT Analysis


The SWOT analysis now needs to be holistically considered. This means that balance needs to be created to ensure one quadrant does not dominate the process.


• What strategies might we be able to implement to pursue opportunities that align with our strengths? (strengths Vs. opportunities)

• How can we overcome our weaknesses to pursue high-­­ranked or high-­­weighted opportunities? (weaknesses Vs. opportunities)

• How can we use out strengths to reduce the risks of our threats? (strengths Vs. threats)

• What mechanisms can we include to reduce the potential impact of our weaknesses, thereby avoiding the susceptibility to out most likely threats? (weaknesses Vs. threats)

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Reference no: EM13851169

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