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Directions: The following instruction contains information about your goal statement, which is a required part of your application to Walden University. Please focus only on the information requested in each of the sections. Also, please note that you are strongly encouraged to carefully proofread, grammar check, and spell check your goal statement prior to submission. Overall writing presentation and clarity are very important.

Degree and specialization: You must clearly indicate to which degree program you are applying as well as the specialization you wish to pursue within that degree program.

Content: Please note that there are four sections described below. While not required, we strongly suggest that you format your goal statement using the headings shown. Please write your information in paragraph form and do not use bullet format in your responses.

Goal Statement

Personal, Academic and Professional Goals/Personal Qualities

• Please describe your interest in pursuing a counseling degree and also please explain why now is the right time to start?
• What influenced you to choose this field?
• Please describe your interest in the specific program (and specialization if applicable) to which you are applying. Please note that your goals or reasons should be in line with the program and specialization to which you are applying.
• What are your personal and professional goals for after you receive your degree?
• Please describe the personal qualities you possess and rely on to form effective interpersonal relationships with others?

Academic Experience

• Please describe your previous undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) academic experience. You may include any experiences (e.g., study abroad, certificates or research experience) that influenced your choice of graduate program/specialization.

• How do you plan to apply what you learned previously to your master's program at Walden? Note: it is not necessary that you have academic experiences in the same field as the Walden program to which you are applying, but please explain how you might apply your experience to your new program.

• Please explain any inconsistencies in your academic record. For example, if your GPA is not what you would have liked, please explain any special personal, physical or family circumstances that may have adversely affected your GPA.

Work/Other Experience

• Please describe your work experience. Include any volunteer work and/or extracurricular activities that complement your academic and career goals. Note: It is not necessary that you have directly relevant experience, but if you do not, please indicate this and explain how your personal and professional goals, along with your skills, interests, and personal qualities, make you a good candidate for this program.

• Please describe any other life experiences that may have influenced your decision to apply for this graduate program. Why Walden?

• Please indicate why you think Walden would be a good match for you and your future goals. Please share your specific interests in Walden (this could include courses, faculty, and/or research projects and facilities)? Please share why are you interested in an online program? Cross Cultural Scenario Please provide an example or examples of times when you interacted with individuals and small groups who are different from you (e.g., ethnically, sexual orientation, racially, spiritually, etc.). What did you do in the situation? How did you feel about the situation at the time you were experiencing it? How do you feel about the situation now? What were the outcomes of this situation and what impact has it had on how you currently relate to individuals and small groups in a culturally relevant manner?

Reference no: EM131348326

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