What are your broad goals for the next three years

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Go Venture Simulation Debrief In addition to the draft strategic plan; you are required to submit a 10-page maximum paper discussing their strategic plan. It must contain, at a minimum, the following topic areas:

Discuss the original strategy, the plan and original financial targets

Identify issues related to the original strategy and underlying assumptions

  • Stakeholders
  • Key Assumptions
  • Strategy with Potential / Desired Outcomes

What occurred in subsequent decision rounds - did you have to modify your approach or assumptions and why/why not?

Financial Debriefing - did you achieve your financial goals and why/why not?

1. Stating a strategic vision for the company in a brief paragraph. What is it that you are striving for? Think of this as your team's vision statement - what are your broad goals for the next three years?

2. An introductory paragraph that discusses where your team is in the simulation - what have you done up until now, what has been driving your decisions, what is your performance like? Just provide an idea of your current status in the simulation.

3. Based on (2) above, discuss your current strategy and note whether your current strategy is either on track or will require substantial internal changes;

4. Declare what strategy the company will employ, why you chose the strategy, and how you will deploy it. This will be based on your current status in the simulation and you will choose a strategy based on improving your status. This is not an action, but a specific strategy (e.g. market development, product development, market penetration, etc.); and

5. Establishing financial objectives for total revenue profits, cash flow, and stock price appreciation for each of the next three years. You should also have a projected income statement that lays out expected unit sales, revenues, costs, and profits for each of the three geographic regions for the each of the next three years. When you create your financial projections, be sure that you state your assumptions as well.

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Reference no: EM131330643

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