What are their media use habit

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Select and discuss one of the following questions. Conduct research using the text and the University's electronic Library to support the position you take. Respond to two students who chose to answer the other questions. Your initial thread should be at least 200 words.

Why is the senior audience so important in the United States? What are some of the characteristics of this audience?
What are the characteristics of the youth market? What are their media use habits?
What are some of the markets for ethnic groups? How do you think the various changes in the racial and ethnic makeup of the United States will affect future practice of public relations?

Reference no: EM13210477

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Identify the number of conditions in a factorial design on the basis of knowing the number of independent variables and the number of levels of each independent variable.

Impact of problem on work environment and patient outcomes

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Give background on scots-irish, about them migrating to us

Give some background on the Scots-Irish, about them migrating to the US and why. Then I wanted to extrapolate relevant things from their culture (temperaments, problems (alc


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