What are their letter grades using this system

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A school grades with the following system based on z scores.

A = z > 2

B = z < 2 and >/= 1

If a class of 10 students take a quiz and half get a 90 and half get a 92, the mean is 91 and the standard deviation is 1.05. What are their letter grades using this system?

Reference no: EM132201100

Use the economic order quantity formula to work out

A film processing laboratory uses 37.5 liters of developer per week and is open for business 50 weeks in a year. Administrative and other costs of ordering a consignment of de

Draw a graph of the aggregate supply curve

Assume that there are 100 identical firms that would be willing to sell 10 units each of the same good if the market price were $5 per unit. They have identical individual sup

What is private value of innovation to the innovating firm

What is the private value of innovation to the innovating firm? What if the innovation were drastic so that the innovating firm exists as a monopoly after the innovation?

Natural tendency towards competitive balance

Explain how the law of diminishing returns provides a natural tendency towards competitive balance. [HINT: Think about the impact on competitive balance if an NFL team signe

About purchasing products than about exploring

The mall of the future will most likely be less about purchasing products than about exploring them in a physical setting. This means that retail environments will have to bec

According to the freedom of information act

According to the Freedom of Information Act, _____. Which of the following is an ideal condition for a free market? Select one: a. There are no parties, institutions, or gover

Using the bond market graphs

In 2010 and 2011, the government of Greece risked defaulting on its debt due to a severe budget crisis. Show, using the bond market graphs, the effect on the risk premium betw

Fiscal policy play during a depression

What would government do with its fiscal policy play during a depression? What is the Federal Reserve most likely to do with monetary policy in the course of a depression?


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