What are the various types of emotional ability
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When writing your scholarly paper, please note the following guidelines:

Select one of the given three topic areas below to write your scholarly paper no less than 1000 words (excluding the title page, bibliography and appendices).

- What is ability?

- What are the various types of cognitive ability?

- What are the various types of emotional ability?

- What are the various types of physical ability?

- How does cognitive ability affect job performance and organizational commitment?

- What steps can organizations take to hire people with high levels of cognitive ability?


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Cognitive Ability

Modern psychological theory considers Cognitive Ability as multidimensional. This is so because it acknowledges various abilities and treats all of them positively. This positive correlation of different abilities made mist psychometriciansto accept the reality that this relation is the refection of people’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Some people are very good in understanding things and issues while others is not that much efficient. It varies from person to person. We call such people smart, bright, quick, or intelligent. Psychologists have developed tests to measure this trait. Originally called IQ tests (for Intelligence Quotient because the measures were constructed as the ratio of mental age to chronological age multiplied by 100) that name has fallen out of favour. Such tests are referred to cognitive abilities where one uses its own intelligence for issue solving. The term IQ sometimes used to refer to what such tests measure, none construct a ratio (Ackerman, Kanfer, &Beier, 2013).

Defining Ability

To understand Cognitive Ability, first thing to understand is, What is ability? It is an acquired or natural capacity or talent that enables an individual to perform a particular job or task successfully. In simple terms, ability is the stable capability of a person of doing something differently. It is a function of environment and personality of a person.

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