What are the trends in the quality management jobs market

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Presentation for class looking for help in interviewing a supply chain industry professional (any company or rank) FAMILIAR WITH PROCESS IMPROVEMENT OR QUALITY MANAGEMENT, I will be putting this into PPT format. Any help is appreciated.

Will ask or reply Quality-related Questions, such as:

1. What are the trends in the QUALITY MANAGEMENT jobs market, especially in Houston? E.g. are there many job openings requiring quality systems knowledge?

2. Does your company have an HSQE system in place, i.e. compliance to Health, Safety, Security, Quality and Environment?

3. What are some job titles that your company offers for an SCLT student?

4. How can a job candidate better prepare for an HSQE interview?

5. What are the skills that your company is looking for when hiring?

Reference no: EM132233739

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