What are the three types of budgets in organizations

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1. (a) What are the three types of budgets in organizations where research is purchased and cost containment is crucial? List and describe each one. Is one more desirable than the others? Explain.

(b) What are the five factors a manager should consider when evaluating an information source? Explain each one.

2.  (a) What are the four rules that guide the coding and categorization of a data record? Explain why each one is important for researchers.

(b) What is meant by stemming, aliasing, and the use of exclusion filters in content analysis software applications?

3. (a) What is an asymmetrical relationship? List and explain the four types of asymmetrical relationships that a research may observe.

(b) Explain the three types of nonprobability sampling techniques commonly used to select samples for qualitative research studies.

Reference no: EM132280691

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