What are the three trophic levels in an ecosystem

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1. What are the three trophic levels in an ecosystem

2. What are the three trophic levels and give an example of each.

3. What trophic level do you think is the most important in the ecosystem and why?

4. What is biodiversity? Is it important? Relate biodiversity to the trophic levels.

5. What would happen to the rest of the trophic levels if one them was wiped out?

Reference no: EM13936643

What are the functions of each of these organs for a rat

Write down 1X4 matrices, P, G, and M that represent the nutritional values of each food. Then find 3P+2G+2M and tell what the entries represent.

Phenotype seen in the mutant fly

The convention for naming genes is to name them after the phenotype seen in the mutant fly. Based on this convention, which of the following is the best choice for naming th

The motor portions of the ans, sympathetic, parasympathetic

The motor portions of the ANS, sympathetic and parasympathetic, are characterized by a two-neuron chain. The pre-ganglionic nerve cell body is found in the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and t

What is the explanation of ratio

If the purple-flowered plant is heterozygous for both traits, the expected ratio in the offspring is 1 purple-serrated: 1 purple-smooth:1 white-serrated:1 white-smooth. Inst

What is the function of isomerase in glycolysis

What is the function of isomerase in glycolysis. What would happen if isomerase were not present? What would happen to the output of ATP and pyruvate from one molecule of gl

What is a population

What is a population? What is a species? You are conducting fieldwork and discover two populations of squirrels living on opposite sides of a lake. How would you design a stud

Stephanie first child will be able to roll their tongue

The ability of a person to roll their tongue is controlled by a single gene with two alleles. About 65% of people have the dominant allele, and can therefore roll their tong

The most common herbivores in the area

The unfenced control plot had not changed significantly in species composition. By means of the concepts discussed in the chapter, what do you think happened.


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