What are the three basic services provided by parole agency
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Part A:

1. What are the three basic services provided by a parole agency?

2. How does the independent model of parole administration differ from the consolidated model?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the independent model as opposed to the consolidated model for administering parole?

4. What is the difference between parole and conditional release?

5. How do "truth-in-sentencing" statutes affect good time release?

6. How are parole board guidelines used to make a release decision? How do parole board guidelines take into account both classical and positivist views?

7. How do parole guidelines incorporate both the medical model and the concept of just deserts?

8. What has the Supreme Court ruled with respect to inmates being represented by attorneys at a parole release hearing?

9. What are the responsibilities of an institutional parole officer?

10. What are the various forms of executive clemency and what are the conditions under which they are granted?

Part B:

1. Describe conditional release and explain the concept of good time.

2. Explain the role of parole boards. What is their overall purpose? Provide one example of a state parole board and outline its structure.

3. Describe victim participation and the influence of the victim impact statement.

4. What is the primary responsibility of institutional parole staff? Do you believe that this is an important and/or beneficial task? Why or why not?

5. Compare and contrast executive clemency, reprieve, commutation, and pardon.

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