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Suppose that in Example 15.3, it is not physically possible to connect the stub at either location found. The nearest location at which a stub may be connected is 1 m from the load.

(a) What are the solutions for d1 and I1?

(b) Are these solutions unique?


An antenna operates at a wavelength of 2 m and is designed with an impedance of 75 Ω. However, because of mistakes in design, the antenna is badly mismatched. The measured impedance after installation is 15 + j60 Ω. The antenna is connected to a 75 Ω line as shown in Figure 15.14. Calculate:

(a) The required shorted stub and its location on the line to match the antenna to the line. The line and stub have the same characteristic impedance.

(b) The shortest required open circuit stub that will accomplish the same purpose as the short circuit stub in (a).


Reference no: EM131214684

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