What are the roles of a group

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Motivation refers to the level of willingness of being to pursue some chosen goal and implies the strength of mind of the character & point of the forces, including the degree of readiness

Tutoring manual of Management

(a) Give details of the definition above

(b) Evidently explain Herzberg's two factor theory of motivation

(c) How far do you have the same opinion with this theory?


(a) Evidently discriminate between the terms Training and Development

(b) Choose any two training methodologies and describe under which conditions they are more appropriate, their advantages and disadvantages in an organisation


(a) What is a group?

(b) What are the roles of a group?


(a) Outline the three important methodologies of recruitment

(b) Talk about the pros & cons of any one method mentioned above

(c) Talk about the three criterion below that the human resource manager has to acquire while selecting the right candidate

(i) Fit with the organisation

(ii) Functional & Team fit

(iii) Individual job criteria


(a) Elaborate on the various principles essential performance management in an organisation

Reference no: EM133145

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HLT-362V : Describe the error in the conclusion. Given: There is a linear correlation between the number of cigarettes smoked and the pulse rate. As the number of cigarettes


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