What are the risk factors of men abusing their wives

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Section A:

Please provide the best answer for each question.

Looking at domestic violence, why might women stay in an abusive relationship?
What are the "Risk Factors" of men abusing their wives?
What are the Risk Factors associated with Child Abuse? Please list 3 signs of "Child Neglect"?

Section B:

Please define each term listed below.

What are the 3 perspectives/theories on Marital Power? Define each perspective/theory.
List and define the 6 sources of power.
Define the term Step-Mother Trap
Define the term Hidden Agenda
Define Family Crisis AND Family Stress. Give an example of each and how they are different.

Section C:

Please provide the best answer for each question.

What are the 8 types of Stressors? How might living in poverty cause stressor overload?
What factors help some families recover from crisis, while other families remain in the Disorganization Phase?
How does the Family Systems Theory view Families in Crisis?

Section D:

Please provide the best answer for each question.

Researchers have proposed 5 possible theories to explain negative effects of divorce on children. List and define each.
How is "His" divorce different from "Her" divorce? How are these differences related to society's gender expectations?
What are some problems faced by Stepmothers and Stepfathers? How might these problems be resolved or alleviated?

Reference no: EM131330711

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