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On March 17, Peckham bought a new car from Larsen Chevrolet for $6,400.85. During the first one and one-half months after the purchase, Peckham discovered that the car's hood was dented, its gas tank contained no baffles, its emergency brake was inoperable, the car did not have a jack or a spare tire, and neither the clock nor the speedometer worked. Larsen claimed that Peckham knew of the defects at the time of the purchase. Peckham, on the other hand, claimed that he did not know the extent of the defects and that despite his repeated efforts the defects were not repaired until June 11.

Then, on July 15, the car's dashboard caught fire, leaving the car's interior damaged and the car itself inoperable. Peckham then returned to Larsen Chevrolet and told Larsen that Larsen had to repair the car at its own expense or that he, Peckham, would either rescind the contract or demand a new automobile.

Peckham also claimed that at the end of their conversation, he notified Larsen Chevrolet that he was electing to rescind the contract and demanded the return of the purchase price.

Larsen denied having received that oral notification. On October 12, Peckham sent a written notice of revocation of acceptance to Larsen. What are the rights of the parties?

Reference no: EM131387921

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