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A stock currently trades at $100, and its price can increase or decrease by 10% over the following year. The risk-free rate is 3% per year.

(a) We have call and put options written on this stock with strike prices of $105. What are the prices of these options?

(b) How many shares would you need to buy to replicate the call option; that is, what is ? of the call option?

Reference no: EM132185138

Compute the profit consequences of the decision

Describe a decision that you or your company made that involved opportunity costs that should have been considered. Why did your company make the decision? What should they

N-period effective annual rate

Compute the n-period effective annual rate in the following problem and give the best answer: Tim plans to open a new bank account and calls several banks to find out where

Characterized by a learning curve

you have a production technology that can be characterized by a learning curve. Every time you increase production by one unit, your costs decrease by $6. The first unit cos

What is the implied probability of default

The YTM on 5-year govt. bond is 5%. The YTM on AAA rated bond is 5.8% and B rated bond is 9.8%. Suppose the bond holder expects same rate of return on all these bonds , what

Information about currency derivatives

Assume that a March futures contract on Mexican pesos was available in January for $.09 per unit. Also assume that forward contracts were available for the same settlement d

Investors are generally risk averse and attach less risk

Which of the following is true of arguments for dividend relevance? Investors are generally risk averse and attach less risk to current dividends than future dividends or cap

Optimal cpa business structure

Which business structure would you select if you were to set up your own CPA practice: a partnership, proprietorship, or corporation? Why? Explain what factors affect your d

Find rate of return on the investment

The stock of Michelle Travel company is selling for 43.00 a share. You put in a limit buy order at 44 for one month. During the month, stock price declines to a low of 38.00,


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