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1. The current CAE ethics Knowledge Unit covers multiple legal requirements, but does not address objective (i.e., Christian) ethics. Assume that you have become a Federal IT manager; how would you address the need for truly ethical behavior with your workforce?

2. List 8 criteria that managers can look at to identify opportunities for reengineering.

3. The ethics of leadership Whatnutilitarianism is-John sturart mill 1. What are the potential problems for leaders who always use utility as a guide for moral action?

4. The Triangle Concept appeared in the chapter on service employees roles and in this chapter. What parallels and differences do you see between the two applications of the Triangle Concept?

Reference no: EM132184522

Terms of service-promotion and customer satisfaction

What can you recommend to all Apple Authorized Reseller outlets selling Apple products. What are the things they need to improve in terms of service, promotion, and customer s

Assess the influence of branding on an organizations imc

Assess how branding has increased in the last few decades. Think of a brand; analyze how the organization developed its brand equity. Assess the influence of branding on an

Determine the minimum cycle time

As part of a major plant renovation project, the industrial engineering department has been asked to balance a revised assembly operation to achieve an output of 240 units per

Allegory of the cave

Read Plato's Allegory of the Cave, and explain what you think Plato is saying. What application or relevance does it have in today's society, particularly in terms of communic

Initial evaluation from positive to negative or vice versa

Answer the following questions about evaluations, a specific form of opinion: 1) Share TWO examples of situations in which you changed your initial evaluation from positive to

Setting long-term goals for the organization

Identify the primary variable(s) in a person analysis that can be affected by training. Karen works as a sales manager for Apencience Corp. Karen can read, write, and speak Ma

Companies in your community who are in different industries

Assume there are two companies in your community who are in different industries. One company maintains a stable work force all the time (level), and the other furloughs and r

Illustrate what is janet management style is based on

Finally, she gave account to Paula, a very creative, efficient writer who has had high sales results with her last 3 clients' products. Illustrate what is Janet's management


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