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Question 1. After reading "What Constitutes the Corpus Delecti of an Offense," please answer the following questions. How can the corpus delecti of robbery be demonstrated? Of theft? Why did the court conclude that, "In this case, the evidence does not conclusively establish that Hoke's purse was taken forcibly from her. The evidence does, however, support an inference that she was robbed"?

Question 2. After reading "For Purposes of Criminal Attempt...," please answer the following questions. Do you agree that the girls had taken a substantial step toward the commission of a targeted offense? What test does the court establish for Tennessee to determine whether a substantial step has been taken? Would your answer be different if Tennessee used the last-step test or the physical proximity test? If so, how? Do you think that the court, in using common law rules of construction, modifies the legislative enactment? Is the court using its judgment to replace that of the drafters of the statute? Explain your answer.

Question 3. After reading, "Can a Private Corporation be held Liable...," please answer the following questions. In this case, McIlwain School Bus Lines, Inc. argued that the offense of homicide by vehicle could not be committed by a corporation. On what grounds did the corporation base its arguments? Why did the court conclude that a corporation was a "person" for purposes of the law? How was such a conclusion reached? What are the potential legal ramifications of granting the status of "person" to a corporation?

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It is a paper about a criminal law where three case studies scenarios are given and the answers are supposed to be in context with the reading within the case studies. All the answers provided are in context with the case studies . reference is in APA format and each answer is approx.. 200 words. All the information provided in the paper are complete and correct.

Reference no: EM131077122

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