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One of the 4 Ps of marketing is place. The assumption is that a channel of distribution is designed to efficiently bring a product to a place and the consumer. What are the combinations of institutions through which sellers deliver their product? How is pricing affected by the complexity of the distribution? What are the (political, social, or economic) issues that can interrupt a distribution channel, and what are the potential consequences?

Reference no: EM13283242

Describe the difference between the nyse and nasdaq

Describe the difference between the NYSE and NASDAQ. Define capitalization (or market capitalization). Describe the importance of the DOW JONES Index, What this index represen

Drugs-beneficial during freud era

Which of the following drugs was considered beneficial during Freud's era (and was taken by Freud himself), before its powerfully addictive nature was recognized?

Post exercise findings and recommendations

1. How do you plan to manage post exercise findings and recommendations? How will they be reported to the stakeholders? What will the governance structure be? THIS QUESTION

Discuss about the post given below

There are many ills that bedevil several members of the society. Such ills threaten the integration, peace, development and existence of the members of the society. Social e

How is america a christian country and how is it not

What role(s) did religion play in slavery and later in the civil rights movement? Given at least three key examples and explain. How is America a Christian country and how

Who investigates reported rights violations

List and discuss at least three of those rights. Typically, who investigates reported rights violations pertaining to institutionalized offenders, and what gives this group

Station in the emergency department

You are returning to your office from lunch, and you pass by the nurses’ station in the emergency department. You turn to say something to a couple of the nurses there and not

Who serve on ethics committees in hospitals

How do you propose bioethicists who serve on ethics committees in hospitals and other health care settings reconcile their philosophical ideals and their need to engage in p


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