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Complete Assignment on Embracing Missions Case Study located on pages 94-98 of Cases in Health Care Marketing.



1. This case presents a very negative mindset harbored by at least some employees at Oakridge University Hospital. What are the possible ramifications for patients at Oakridge University Hospital or any other facility who encounter employees possessing the mindset held by Bruce and Sherry? Do you believe that such a negative employee mindset can result in tangible patient harm, or is the mindset simply a personal expression that would not be extended to the care and treatment of patients? Please justify your responses.

2. Assume that you are Sherry's supervisor and you receive a telephone call from Elizabeth who conveys the perspectives that were echoed by Sherry over lunch. Would you bring the matter up with Sherry? Why or why not? If you did indeed address Sherry, what approach would you take and what would you expect to gain by your actions?

3. Elizabeth attributes the negative perspectives of the patient popula¬tion held by Bruce, Sherry, and some others at Oakridge University Hospital to be the product of culture, a burgeoning supply of patients with few alternatives, and bureaucracy. Assuming that she is correct, how might you go about stemming negative sentiment?

4. Elizabeth noted that she had approached the top executives at Oakridge University Hospital and asked for guidance as to how she should address employees when hearing negative perspectives regarding the hospital's patient base. Much to her dismay, she did not receive any particularly beneficial advice. What does this say about the executives she consulted?

5. This case presents an account by a nursing executive who encountered a negative mindset held by at least some of Oakridge University Hospital's employees. Suppose that Elizabeth had been accompanied by a marketing manager during her lunch meeting with Bruce and Sherry. Would you anticipate the marketing manager's perspectives on the matter to be similar to Elizabeth's, less intense, or more intense? Please justify your response.

Reference no: EM13848267

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