What are the possible effects on the supply chain as a whole

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Question: Electric vehicles effect on manufacturing processes and supply chain

Automobile companies are more and more focusing on the development and production of electric vehicles. Electric vehicle sales in the U.S. last year reached nearly 200,000, a more than 25 percent jump from 2016. Companies like Ford and General Motors are even discontinuing small/economy cars to develop electric vehicle models. What are the changes needed to be made to manufacturing/work processes in order for them to produce electric vehicles? Can they still use the existing plants and assembly lines or they need different and new infrastructure? What are the possible effects on the supply chain as a whole?

Reference no: EM132235077

Describe process you would follow to shortlist suppliers

Describe the process you would follow to shortlist suppliers for this purpose. How will you determine if the supplier is an approved National Health Service (NHS) supplier?

Ford motor company owned rubber plantations in brazil

In the first half the 20th century, Ford Motor Company owned rubber plantations in Brazil to supply itself with raw materials for tire making. At some point, Ford began to buy

Critically analyse the key strategic issues

Identify a potential target market for BNP Paribas' retail banking'sfuture international expansion strategy. (This means that you must notchoose a market already served by B

Company in order to foster more motivating environment

Write a paper based on your research about the Colgate Palmolive Company (you can make reasonable assumptions about the organization when necessary) that discusses: What sugge

Supply chain design and implementation

Supply Chain Design and Implementation This assignment will help you develop an understanding about the life cycle of supply chains including the models that are aligned with

Firms supply management function to strategic status

What types of managerial decisions in foreign countries are driven by cultural factors? What are some cultural factors that U.S. companies must recognize when doing business i

How does child labor relates to business ethics

Corporations continually wrestle with make or buy decisions. Identify three considerations which favor buying. (Briefly explain each consideration. how does child labor effect

Identify an organization that operates domestically

Identify an organization that operates domestically as well as globally, that could benefit from an improvement in their supply chain process. This organization will be the


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