What are the odds that both are male

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Critical Thinking Spencer is carrying out a survey of the bear population at Yellowstone National Park. He spots two bears-one has a light colored coat and the other has a dark coat.

a. Assume that there are equal numbers of male and female bears in the park. What is the probability that both bears are male?

b. If the lighter colored bear is male, what are the odds that both are male?

Reference no: EM131352111

Why recompacting and relocation of files are often avoided

Consider a file system that uses inodes to represent files. Disk blocks are 8 KB in size, and a pointer to a disk block requires 4 bytes. This file system has 12 direct disk

Write an algorithm that given a directed graph

Write an algorithm that given a directed graph G, nds a sink or returns that one does not exist in only O(|V|) time. The graph is given by adjacency matrix A. Notice that a

Data analysis skills and thinking

Submit a paper of at least four pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages, that includes at least two scholarly sources (in addition to the text). Explain in

Describe the distances along the latitudes

The distance around Earth along a given latitude can be found using the formula C = 2πr cos L, where r is the radius of Earth and L is the latitude. The radius of Earth is a

Successful project manager

Year 2022, you are a successful Project Manager and have recently hired a new internee (who haven't taken software engineering course yet) to strengthen industry-academia li

The myths of innovation

1. Scott Berkun's book, The Myths of Innovation, holds that many of the popular images of how innovation works do not hold up when scrutinized closely. He examines ten innovat

List an the changes that are suggested by the review proces

List an the changes that are suggested by the review process. Compare the time required to make the changes at the architecture stage to that of changing your existing progr

Program will output the students last name and gpa

Construct a properly structured program that accepts the following input: student last name, student first name, academic major, and GPA. The program will output the student


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