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There is a range of school models that exist within our school communities, all of which have the goal of helping students achieve their potential. You will need to interview two teachers, principals, or teaching support staff members from two different schools to complete this assignment. Although it is not necessary, you should try to visit each site. Each school must be a different school model as discussed in the readings. Compare and contrast the two schools based on what you learn from your visits and/or interviews. The goal is to analyze the two different school models, compare the type of teaching and learning that occurs within each, understand what each school has identified as a priority, and understand what each school or classroom has determined is the top issue(s). In addition to identifying key statistics, such as the type of school, demographics, and student-to-teacher ratio, use the following questions as a guide for your observation/interview:

a. What are the most important issues you currently face in ensuring all students achieve their potential?

b. How are you addressing these issues?

c. What role does technology play in classrooms to support teaching and learning?

d. If you had to choose one subject area that your students need the most support in mastering, what would it be?

e. What do you see as the most important skills to be taught?

f. How would you identify 21st-century skills?

g. How would you describe the teaching in your classroom?

h. What role do you see students having in the teaching and learning process? Teachers?

i. How has teaching changed over the years?

j. What are the key issues you currently face?

Reference no: EM13476219

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