What are the most important us foreign policy goals

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Ch 14 Domestic Policy

1. What is public policy?

2. Which are the five stages of public policy formation according to the authors?

3. Give an example for a public policy issue and describe in a few sentences how it is framed.

4. Why are the largest entitlement programs so expensive?

5. Which is more effective: fiscal policy or monetary policy? Support your views.

6. Why does Congress have to pass a continuing resolution at the end of most budget years?

7. Should we reform Social Security and Medicare? Support your answer.

Ch 14 Foreign Policy

1. What is foreign policy? Who shapes foreign policy?

2. What are the most important US foreign policy goals? Which of these do you believe is the most important one?

3. What is free trade?

4. Compare the two concepts of unilateralism and internationalism. Which perspective do you favor? Why?

5. Choose one of the grand strategies of US foreign policy during the last 100 years and explain it.

6. If you had to design a grand strategy for today, what would it emphasize?

Reference no: EM132184242

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