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Find the probability for Normal distribution.

ACT scores of high school seniors. The scores of high school seniors on the ACT college entrance examination in 2003 had mean JL = 20.80 and standard deviation (J = 4.80. The distribution of scores is only roughly Normal.

(a) What is the approximate probability that a single student randomly chosen from all those taking the test scores 23 or higher?

(b) Now take an SRS of 25 students who took the test. What are the mean and standard deviation of the sample mean score x of these 25 students?

(c) What is the estimated probability that the mean score x of these students is 23 or higher?

(d) Which of the two Normal probability calculations in (a) and (c) is more accurate and Why?

Reference no: EM1316332

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At α = 0.10 test the claim that there is a difference in means of the salaries. (a) State the Hypotheses: (b) Compute the Test statistic: (Round off correctly)

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Refer to Cosmetics sales Problem 10.13. Given below are the estimated ridge standardized regression coefficients, the variance inflation factors, and R2 for selected biasing

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5 of which are built to metric standards and 7 of which are built to english standards. What is the probability that out of 3 taken, at least one is english standard engine?


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