What are the managers roles in a career management system

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Bus Law

The federal government recently provided tax payers' money to major corporations that filed for bankruptcy protection from their creditors. Some have paid the funds back, and others have not. Please provide your opinions, both for and against this federal action, as related to the following questions:

1. Does the U. S. Constitution or any of its 27 Amendments allow the use of the federal budget to help private business?
2. Does the executive branch of the federal government have Constitutional support to buy shares of a private company using the federal budget?
3. Does the executive branch of the federal government now have authority to help private businesses who declare bankruptcy using the federal budget?

HR Mgmt

What are the manager's roles in a career management system? Which role do you think is most difficult for the typical manager? Which role do you think would be the easiest? What are some reasons a manager might resist becoming involved in career management? Discuss a work experience where a manager helped or resisted helping you with your career management.

Reference no: EM13767430

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Using the library, Internet, or any other available material for adequate, accurate, and relevant support, address your position on the controversial issue. Propose 2 strate

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