What are the major sources of risk facing the company

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1. Identify the controllable and uncontrollable elements that Starbucks has encountered in entering global markets.

2. What are the major sources of risk facing the company? Discuss potential solutions.

3. How might Starbucks improve profitability in Japan?

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Recently it is observed that Starbucks has been facing various issues for entering into different global markets. being a leading producer of coffee, it faces different controllable and uncontrollable measures based on distribution channels, promotional process and its products. for countries like Japan and other Asian nations, Starbucks has sold its products in cans and bottles for both sweetened and unsweetened variants. none the less it is also witnessed that it accounted for different risk like lack of customer base due to high rice and difficulty to maintain cost efficiency. to this improvement ideas are been provided like reducing export cost and using local markets, so that cost can be reduced a bit. with this, a proper adoption of Japanese culture is required to get familiar with people and improve their online processes

Reference no: EM132398546

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