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Q1. Assume that both countries start off with a capital stock every worker of 2. Illustrate what are the levels of income every worker also consumption every worker at the initial period? Remembering that the change in the capital stock is investment less depreciation, utilize a calculator to elucidate how Elucidate how the capital stock every worker will evolve over time in both countries. For each year, compute income every worker also consumption every worker.

Q2. Converse the process of consumer's equilibrium under indifference curve approach


Reference no: EM1320510

Find the price-income and substitution eects

Teresa likes to consume chocolate and yogurt. Her utility function is given by U(x, y) = x0.5y0.5where x and y are the quantities of chocolate and yogurt she consumes. Suppose

Rising unemployment rate signals a slow-down in the economy

Giving a brief explanation, determine the likely effect of each of the following on the value of GM stock. (Consider each event independent of the others.) The Federal Reserve

Plaintiff shipped to defendant-risk of loss

Plaintiff shipped to Defendant—Pizza Pride Inc. of Jamestown, North Carolina—an order of mozzarella cheese totaling $11,000. Plaintiff, a manufacturer of men’s clothing in Los

Dollar and yen exchange rate

Suppose that the dollar/yen exchange rate on 1/1/2015 was ¥120/$. One month later, the rate was ¥115/$. If the J-curve theory holds, which of the following situations would oc

Is there a universal code for ethical business behavior

Is there a universal code for ethical business behavior? (Check the December 2005 issue of Harvard Business Review for Up to Code: Does Your Company Meet World-Class Standards

Adjustable-rate mortgage

Sierra borrows $175,000 from Regional Home Finance Corporation to buy a home. The loan is a twenty-year, 3/1, adjustable-rate mortgage, with an initial interest rate of 4.0 pe

Defined as the statistical methods used to analyze data

Analyzing and understanding data is an important part of decision making. Econometrics is defined as the statistical methods used to analyze data and make informed decisions. 

What is most likely the reason for reallocation of resources

Apple decides to reallocate resources by curtailing online ad budgets and investing heavily in scratch-resistant Sapphire, the material that differentiates iPhone from competi


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